Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lido 14 Class Championships 2007

August 15 2007, Newport Beach, CA Lido 14 Class Championships. Here I am again with a pile of work on my desk and I am writing about the upcoming event. How will I do, who can I beat, can I sail clean, is my boat ready?

I will answer the easy one first, my boat is ready and I have the perfect crew Dina Corsi. Dina and I have been sailing this season and we are ready.

I have to sail clean from start to finsh. Simple starts in the middle upper or lower should help. Along with finding someone, not as fast as me, to set up with a “marshmallow” as Dave Carol would say. Hit the shifts and get to layline a little sooner. Half way up the first beat starting playing the odds and start closing the deal. Round the first mark and watch for weather boats and the boats in front of me. Approach the leeward mark with board down sooner to avoid weather boats easier. If in a good shape hang in the bad wind until we can clear the rounding boats and keep playing the odds.

How will I do? Our goal is to finish in the top half of Gold Fleet. Can we do it? yes, but first I need to get in gold fleet. If 60 boats show up I will need to finish 15th or better in the first round. The first round will be seeded and split in half. I count 15 boats that have beaten us this year. Out of that 15 we have beaten 8 of them sometime our another this season. I have to think we can get a 7th or better in the first round leaving some room to 15th to get in gold fleet. Once in gold fleet I will have to do my best to continue to play the odds for the long haul.

Who should win? Gaudio or Stu? Odds are very good one of them will win. Although anyone can come out and sail way above their head’s and win the event. I have to go with Gaudio but I would like to see the Stevens Family win. More to come after Sunday practice races.

Sea Ya

Len Bose

08-11/12-07 Newport Beach CA Balboa Yacht Club. A 7-9 Knot westerly with hot August temperatures produced clear sky’s and a bead of sweet on most competitors brows while participating in BYC Clinic & Tune up event this weekend.

Our coach for this event was John Papadopoulos and like anything John does everything was precise, accurate and on the spot. We started Saturday with 20 people showing up for the two hour chalk talk followed three hours of on the water drills and racing. Missing most of the chalk talk, I helped remove sea lions from a customers boat, subjects of boat tuning, tactics, and the Chairman of the Championships discussing the course location. After lunch break we hit the water at M mark for a number of one minute starting drills with four or five practice races. My crew Dina Corsi had a look of concern after each start we were over early Dina commented, “ Maybe we should try to start in the middle of the line?” Me being manly and all thought what the hell does she know? I will give you one guess were we started most of the time on Sunday and it worked well, the middle of the line! Ross Nemeroff from Alamitos Bay, sailing with his son, sailed very well and showed great speed. Tracey Kenny from the Marina del Rey fleet was out practicing drills and also showing some great speed. It was looking like Sundays race was going to be good.

Seventeen boats were on the starting line, in the turning basin, with their game faces on. We had good breeze, a weather mark with an offset mark and leeward gate, just what we expect from the championships. For most of the fleet the racing was very close. For Anne and Kurt Wiese it looked easy although they had to work for it a little. Five points only separated 2nd to 8th place. Good starts and cleaning sailing is what’s going to keep you at the top of your fleet, DUH!. Some quotes from the water. Steve Mueller to me on race three at the first weather mark “ Its two circles today Len not one”. From Kim Mcrae to crew Judi Gorski after being over early on the first start and going back, then tacking to close to someone a doing TWO circles “ Well I am glad we got that over with” to Tracey Kenney letting out a loud “HaaWhooooo!” after finshing third in the last race.

After the racing was over everyone headed back to BYC for post race reflections, refreshments, Pu pus and trophies. The best quotes came from the table of Kurt Wiese and Chris Nesbit going over some rule incidents using popcorn trays for boats. “OK, I am this tray and I have to duck this tray”. Golden DUCKS were given out as trophies along with some outstanding Belgian Beer for the top finishers. Thanks were given to Stephanie and John for the coaching and race committee work and I have to think the event was a success for everyone who participated.

Lessons leaned on my boat! Don’t get into any email banter/trash talking with another competitor before an event, keep your head up and watch were you are going while rounding the weather mark and pulling up the center board, while approaching the leeward mark in the middle of the fleet put down your center board early so its easier to avoid the leaders coming at you to weather.

Thanks again to everyone that made it out to our event and we will sea ya all soon!

Lens Lesson # 78 “ Its good luck to wear your life jacket”

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