Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is my weekly update for September 5 – 10.

Hi everyone!

This is my weekly update for September 5 – 10.

·        Phase II is well underway with the dredging of the smaller channel nearly complete as of the time of this email.  They’ll be rounding the corner to the larger channel any day now, therefore freeing up access to and from the smaller channel.  Remember to hail Dutra on VHF Channel 82 if you need to pass.  It’s important that we stay safe!

·        Dutra will be dredging on Saturday this weekend to keep the project moving along.

·        A big “Thank You” to all of the Phase II marinas and boaters who relocated their vessels this week in time for the dredging activity.  This cooperative spirit is one of the major reasons why the project is proceeding smoothly.

·        Dredging of Phase II will last until approximately the end of next week, then the pile driving crane barge will return and do its work. 

·        Even though Phase II has just begun, we need to start thinking about Phase III boat relocations.  I say this because Dutra is ahead of schedule (much of the center channel has already been dredged), therefore they’ll be moving to Phase III sooner than later.   I should have more details by next week’s update, but the Phase III marinas/boaters need to start preparing for their moves possibly by the end of the month.

·        On that same note, however, Phase III will probably be shorter than expected.  Dutra’s dredging efficiency will shave days off of the back end of Phase III.

·        Please see the attached progress figure for this week.

·        Interesting fact No. 6:  As of this week, Dutra has delivered about 30,000 cubic yards of material from the Rhine Channel up to the Port of Long Beach via barge.

Thank you,

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
(949) 644-3043  *

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