Friday, September 30, 2011

Newport’s Beach’s Best Car Service Agent.

This weekends “Silly Idea”. Yesterday, I needed to replace the tires on my Yukon and before just heading up to where I have gone in the past I called my good friend Bob Blake.
I wanted to know if I needed to replace all four tires and find out if Bob had a recommendation on where I should take my business. Before arriving at Bob place I went online and did some homework. The cost of the tires I wanted was $ 1000.00 at the Firestone store, $750 at Costco and Bob found me the same set for $ 660.00 out the door.
You add it up! He has done this type of service for me forever and has helped all my friends. Over the last three years Bob Blake has become Newport Beach’s Best Car Service Agent.
Anything to do with Cars call Bob ANYTHING! Buy, Sell, dent removal, wiring, upholstery, lights ANYTHING. Make your appointment, he will pick up the car, take care of your problems, and return it PROBLEMS SOLVED!
You can Reach Bob at (949) 933-3899.

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