Thursday, September 15, 2011

9-14-11 Harbor Commission Meeting

I attended the 9-14-11 Harbor Commission meeting and it kind of felt like going to Costco, filling up your cart and when you get to the check out line you find out your debit card has expired?

The meeting started out with Council Member Nancy Gardner, Council Liaison to the Harbor Commission interrupting Chairman Rodheim “again” and informed the Commission that she needed to leave early. She then said that the agenda appeared to be light and that the Commission did not need to meet every month. The expression on each of the commissioner’s face’s looked like their debit card had expired! Not that Nancy met anything bad by her comment in fact the opposite is true. The relationship between the City Council and the Harbor Commissioners is like any relationship. You are going to have your ups and downs and if you want to keep the relationship going you are going to have to bite your tongue from time to time.

Once Council Member Gardner left the Commissioners seemed to gather their composer and the meeting moved along. In fact it was one of the most productive meeting I have attended.

Chairman Roheim reviewed each Commissioners task list and asked each of them to report next month with an update on when and how their tasks will be completed. Let me try to recall what each Harbor Commissioner is tasked with. I did not take any notes on this so.

Doug West is working on the Harbor Guide, Changing the City Ordnance to allow permitted events to exceed the speed limit and is the Tideland Management Committee Liaison.

Duncan McIntosh is tasked with review of code enforcement and Changing the City Ordnance to allow permitted events to exceeded the speed limit.

Brad Avery is looking into Charter Boat Standards and review of code enforcement.

Marshall Duffield is working on Mooring alignment, and Charter Boat Standards

Vincent Valdes is working on The Vision of the Harbor and overhang policys.

Karen Rhyne is working as a Liaison with the many State committees.

After the commissioners task review Chairman Rodheim appraised the “Topics for the future Agendas”.  I in fact was able to help with this because one of the future topics was ways to dispose of toxic materials which I brought up some time ago. More on this at a later date.

Sidenote: Did you know there is a public dock next to Schock boats??

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Sea ya

Len Bose

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