Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 Harbor Awards

By Len Bose

2009 BYC Club Champions (l) Dave Ullman, Commodore Allan Andrews and Walker Ban

It was a VERY good holiday for the Bose family. We sold our Nordhavn 62, Jarvis Newman 38 and a 45’ Catamaran in the month of December. Now that I have told you about my good fortune, I would like to report on the different award winners around the bay and make up some new awards.

The Corinthian spirit is a big part of the yachting tradition in our bay and the true yachtsman does not need to be recognized for their efforts. But let’s get real – everyone likes a “pat on the back” and hear the words “well done” for their efforts. The following are the award winners from around the bay.


66 Series
First Overall “BIEN ROULEE” Glenn Highland Owner
Second Overall “TANGO” Roy Jones Owner
Third Overall “AMANTE” The Richley Family

Long Point Race Week
First Overall “Linstar” John Shulze Owner

Belly Trophy
“Best Yacht Club results” Recipient: BYC

Seagal Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Adult Sabot Group recipient: Bob Reilly

Leo Collin Award for the Most Active Racing Sailor in the Sunkist, Twilight and Beercans Series recipient: Jim Jackman

Judy Franco Award for Involvement in the Balboa Bay Fleet recipient: Rowell Greene

Colline Gibbons Trophy & Marilyn Gibbons
for Colline Gibbons: For Top Performance in Sabots in the Twilight Series & Marilyn Gibbons: For Most Frst Places by a Non-Keel Boat in the Sunkist Series recipient: Molly Lynch

Most Competitive Fleet for Support/Organization for a Racing Fleet recipient: Gator Cook

High Angler - Female recipient: Ali Johnson

High Angler - Male recipient: Eric Noyes

High Angler Junior recipient: Samuel Bigelow & Nick Johnson

Angler Event Chair of the Year recipient: Chris Webb

Race Committee Member of the Year recipient: John Minor

Race Manager of the Year recipient: Pinky Greene

Ocean Racing Sailor of the Year recipient: Bill McKeever

Match Race Sailor & Big Boat Sailor of the Year recipient: Chris Nesbitt

Blue Water Sailor of the Year
recipient: Erik Berzins

Franklin Angler Award recipient: Harvey Wills

Race Council Member of the Year recipient: Jeff Keenan

Event Chair of the Year recipient: Judy Gorski

Pluck Award for Overcoming Some Obstacle Well, or Hanging in There through Adversity, and Pluck may be a combination of Luck and Persistence recipient: Glenn Highland

Franklin Cruising Award for Biggest Contribution to the Cruising Group recipient: Buzz & Pat Lowe

BYC Angler for Outstanding Angler including tournament results, notable catches, etc. recipient: Kevin Klemm

BYC Senior Club Champions
recipients: Don Becker, Bob Strang, John Minor

BYC Club Champions recipients: Dave Ullman, Alan Andrews, Walker Banks

One Design & Dinghy Sailors of the Year
recipients: Kieran Chung & Ryan Davidson

Sportsman of the Year for displaying outstanding sportsmanship during the yachting season recipient: Don Becker

Commodore James Whyte Memorial Perpetual Trophy for the BYC member of the year recipient: Greene Family

The two most prestigious awards at BYC are the Sportsman of the Year and Member of the Year awards. Winning one of these awards means you went the extra mile for your club and harbor. Also note The Franklin and Club Champions. At BYC, the Club Champions win a front row parking place with their name on it.


Burgee of Merit
Serves as NHYC’s highest honor awarded to a west coast yachtsman. The Burgee of Merit is not awarded annually, but only at a time when the Newport Harbor Yacht Club Board of Director recognizes an individual’s accomplishments as worthy of the award. The criteria for receiving the Burgee of Merit includes competing in an Olympic Games, winning a major world championship or bringing unusual distinction to west coast yachting in general.
2009 recipient: Mike Martin

Race Committee Excellence recipient: L. Douglas Sloan, international judge & international umpire

Off Soundings Award recipient: David Stone Solala, & Paxson Offield Kelsey Lee

Fletcher Olson Perpetual Trophy awarded to the non calm sailors who have shown the most outstanding sportsmanship and leadership throughout the year.
Recipient: Chris Segerblom

Vince Healy Award presented to an individual who has shown conspicuous loyalty to the club.
Recipient: Jack Hutchinson

The Jack and Meta Going Cannon Award presented to a individual who has served their club and its members in exemplary fashion.
Recipient: Larry Somers

Boat of the Year: 86’ Fife Schooner Astor, recipient: Richard Straman

At this time I regard the “Burgee of Merit” as our harbor’s most prestigious award.


Officers & Directors 1966 for Best in Whitney Series recipient: Steve Brown

Officers & Directors 1961 for the Most Events Other than BCYC recipient: Erik Shampain

Marcia Holyoake Perpetual for Service to Race Committee recipient: Scott Truesdell

BCYC Ocean Racing Participation for the Most SCYA Events PHRF recipient: Mike Dwight.

Maclaughlin Ocean Racing Perpetual for the BCYC Member with the Highest Score
– Ahmanson recipient: Rhonda Tolar

Officers & Directors 1960 for Greatest Number of Racing Points
recipient: Erik Shampain

Miller Perpetual for Greatest Number of PHRF Points
recipient: Erik Shampain

Officers & Directors 1983 for Ocean Racing with One Over 600m recipient: David Janes

Skipper Hi-Point recipient: Mike Dwight

Crew Hi-Point recipient: Erik Shampain

Gaudio Family One Design recipient: Erik Shampain

Wayne Gary for Power Fleet recipient: Mike Dwight

James Berkshire for Lido 14 Sailing recipient: Ellen Collins

Commodore Langley for the Most Improved Sailor of the Year recipient: Mary Bacon

Lorin Weiss Perpetual for Ensenada Cruising Class recipient: Dan Redding

BCYC 1st to Finish in the Ensenada Race recipient: Dave Janes

Leukemia Cup recipient: Jeff Burch

Commodore Bussey for Most Active BCYC Family recipient: The Caulfields

Elmer Carvey for the Yachtsman who Contributed to Race Committeerecipients: Jerry Moulton & Paul DeCapua

Most Active Angler recipient Bob Kircher

Commodore Domanski for Outstanding Committee Chair recipients: Jerry & Nancy Valuch

The big awards at BCYC are Commodore Domanski along with the Gaudio Family. I know I would be very proud to display either of these trophies on my mantle.


John J. Alden Trophy
LIYC Best Place in Largest Fleet (Non Ensenada) in Ocean Race recipient: The Richley Family

Robert Bogen Memorial Trophy
LIYC Cruising Trophy recipient: Tony and Linda Kinninger & Chris and Diana Miner

Lido Hole in the Head Trophy
LIYC Most Unusual Sailor recipient: Greg Shaver

Commodore Rutter Trophy
LIYC Most Distinguished in Yachting recipient: Carter Ford

Jerome Robinson Trophy
LIYC Best in PHRF Ensenada Race recipient: Chuck Brewer

Commodore Haskell Trophy
LIYC Most Improved Adult Skipper recipient: Jim Ciucki

Commodore Lockney Trophy
Most Loyal Adult Member of LIYC recipient: Debbie Benedict

Commodore Ray Trophy
LIYC Adult Nite Flight Low Point recipient: Tim Richley

Commodore Hinshaw Perpetual Trophy
LIYC Commodore Dinghy Race recipient: RC Carter Ford and SC Phil Ramer

Commodore Niblo Appreciation Trophy Starboard Yard Award
LIYC Commodore's Right Arm recipient: Lynda Gruver

Commodore Munson Special Recognition Trophy
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty recipient: Julie Auckerman

Commodore Ward Trophy
LIYC Family Award for Skill, Loyalty and Sportsmanship recipient: The Crook Family and The Bakkila Family

Commodore Schockley Trophy
LIYC Friday Night Low Point recipient: Kathy Sangster

Commodore Woolsey Trophy
LIYC Low Point in the Commodore Woolsey Regatta recipient: Walter Johnson – BYC

F. Platt Preston Trophy
LIYC Best Service for Junior Sailors recipient: C. Thomas Ruppert and Diana Miner

The two most prestigious awards at Lido Isle Yacht Club are the Commodores Rutter & Ward Trophies. If you are the recipient of the Commodore Rutter Award you have truly stepped it up a notch within our harbor.

Now, I am going to announce the Inaugural “Daily Voice” Harbor Awards. I put a lot of time into this and talked with a lot of the people, whose names appear above. While walking the harbor, I stopped and asked the shipyard workers, ferry operators, divers, ship captains and fuel dock attendants. I gathered all this information and combined it with my personal observations of 2009 and came up with the following awards.

Isaac B. Potter Award (The job is ours, let us go to it!”) presented to the individual who has served our harbor in exemplary fashion.
Recipient: Carter Ford

I have known Carter Ford now for more than 10 years. During this time I have seen him put in countless hours and a great deal of effort into our harbor. From the Mooring Association, public docks and Marina Park, his efforts have truly made an impact for the better of our harbor. He is a man that completes his tasks and is a good person.

No. 8 Channel Marker Award for Courageous Readiness and Determination in additional to continuing against all odds.
Recipient: Leslie Daigle

Council member Daigle’s continued efforts to secure funding for dredging the upper and lower bays has to be recognized. The city was awarded $17.36 million in federal stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act this year. Council member Daigle kept this issue on the front of her agenda and has had a big part in achieving this goal.

Heart of the Harbor Award is awarded to the Ambassador of our Harbor.
Recipient: Don Duffy

Don Duffy has been the operator of our harbor’s Clean Sweep Vessel for the last 15 years, and I can’t think of one time when I did not receive a warm greeting from him. He will be retiring this year and his efforts will be truly missed.

The Harbor Voice Award serves as the “Daily Voice” highest honor award. It is presented to the individual or individuals who have made the extra effort in improving our harbor.
Recipient: The Newport Mooring Association

The effort this group has made is truly remarkable. To get a better understanding of all their accomplishments one needs to go to their web site at and start reading. A personal THANK YOU to each director for his or her efforts and services.

That’s it for 2009 in Newport Harbor. Thank you for reading my column this year and I look forward to providing you with more useful information next year.

Sea ya’

Len Bose

Len Bose is the owner of Len Bose Yacht Sales