Wednesday, March 15, 2006


(This is my email log from the J 125 “LUCKY DOG”. Overall we had a good trip! Still after 27 Mexico races there is lots to learn please enjoy)

We started with the wind at 290 at 5 knots. Jon went with the light one
and we were the committee boat start. Good start and stayed with the
light one for a half hour and went to the code 0. Our class wants to go
low of the Cornadoes and I want to go out side? So we are the most right boat just inside the island and looks like we will split them. 1A will
go up next. 1:45pm 10 kts breeze course 175 1A is up lots of kelp.
Anyone know how to pack a code 0? 2:45 and the 2A is up, we are a little slow with our 1st change although forming a routine and will do better. Blue Blazes is south and looks good, Morpheous is just to leeward and ahead. In this close reach Miramar as sailed up behind us and has a bit of waterline on us.
Last night was not as cold as I thought it would have been. Good breeze through most the night. Our first problem was a charging matter that "DR Elec." fixed. So we are charged with a full load for a forty-foot boat. A.M. was hard on us today with light breeze and completing are 1st 24 routine. 12:00 come in and we have 15Knots true wind and all is good. I am off we are trying the staysail.

Hey Baby! Everything going good and we are making good progress towards

Hello Andrew! Who your best friend? Who my best friend? DONT FORGET IT!

I love you guys


CEDROS max speed 15.99 average swell size and pitch black out. As DR said " I cant see shit" Jon C" Then stand up" The guys were rocking last night. 2A up jybeing for the corner of Cedros and I decide to-do a wind check. " SORRY BOB I hope you always wanted a new 2A". We set the 4A, staysail and have never stopped we think we did good last night and wait the daily report. Working with the sat phone is great, I have taken two sales calls and most think I am at work.
All the sails are in the back part of the boat and Jon C is doing a
masterful job running the boat. We gybed away from shore at 6:00 am and it looks like its time to go back to port. Cold last night.


So is Andrew reading the emails? This time will you place a cookie next
to the Bose system. (I hide treats for Andrew and give him clues to find them)

Hello Andrew,
What’s your last name? (I hide an new xbox game next to the Bose System)

All is well on the boat and we might be winning.
How did you do on your spelling test yesterday? Are you taking care of MOM? Remember you’re the man of the house. Sea Ya soon.

Love Daddy.

Troubles with kelp! Something looks strange at the bottom of the rudder HMMMMM? Last night while doing 10 knots straight down the
line a strange flutter showed on the rudder. Chamberlain and I are on
watch so we grab the kelp stick and start pounding on the rudder. We try to slow the boat down by running deep and wrap the 2A."*$***" Everyone on deck and we get the 2A down and set the 4A. DR and I run down go over the 2A and reset. Just before setting the 2A we back down the boat and take care of the kelp. We lose a half hour. It kind of hurt because we felt we had finally past MIRAMER and BLUE BLAZES was in sight. Of course after we had got back in order it was time to gybe, but we hit the gybe like we new what we were doing. 15knots of breeze most the night with the 2A up and it has lightened up this AM with the 1A up. We are still in the hunt and I am wondering how it looks through the SDYC web sight.

Feb 25 on the J 125 LUCKY DOG. Things have slowed down today with only 6kt of breeze and the 1A up. We have on shorts and tshirts and wonderingwere the breeze is "IN or OUTSIDE" Jon S is doing an outstanding job keeping the boat in order and we feel good on how we have hit the shifts. Last night "KELP NIGHT" we sailed to far into some light breeze and lost some time they’re also. Most of last night we had breeze out of 300 and we gybe past Cabo when the wind shifted to 340. We have started into the gulf in light breeze at 281. We went from 2A, Code 0 and now were back with the 1A wondering how high of course we should sail. The gribs show 15s of breeze out of the North?
Weather is clear and it looks like a warm one today, wait for breeze!
Len Bose aboard "Lucky DOG"


Hun, I Placed a Candy bar in one of my slippers

Hello Andrew, I am sailing down in Mexico and it looks like we might win the race. Craig Chamberlain and Nate will do this race with you and I someday. I miss you and mom very much.

Clue of the day I wear these every morning.
Sea Ya Pal.

Love Daddy

Feb 26& 27. RUDDER HUMM Long hard day yesterday very light breeze out of the southwest and we hard or 2A up and moving fine. Looking at our grib we see a 15 k of breeze from the North so we gybe over to starboard and head into the swell. About four hours into it the wind dies to nothing and the guys go swimming. After inspection the bottom foot of the rudder is gone and open carbon. Strange the rudder is still performing well and we are hitting our polars. Light breeze and splitting from our Competitors have left things a little hot on the boat. Today’s report to the RC I am tempted to report that or position is doggie style. I feel we got flushed yesterday and it now time to check in. Gribs say 10 knots today’s lets hope?


Hello Babe.
Hard day on the boat today wind went light and it looks like I made a
bad call on a wind shift. So things are hot on this little boat with 7
people. I am looking to finsh within the next day and a half.

Hello Andrew,
What’s new on Commando? Its warm were I am racing and it’s making me think its time to get the pool warm and start swimming and a trip to Catalina. Looks like I have to get back at it.


Feb 27. BAD DOG Well that had to be the hardest lesson to lean in sail yet. From in the hunt to deep deep last. When you make a mistake like this it’s hard to look at the crew without feeling very bad. Well lots of crow to eat now. Lessons leaned is to not leave the fleet at the end of
a long distance race, stay between the mark and your comp. Truly the
hardest is letting down your crew when you were so close. Thank you all for reading my post. Just wish I could have close this deal.


America West #6007. Things a little better today although it still hurts.
I will be able to use Craig Cell when we get in. We should be finshing
within six hours. I will try to give you a call latter to night.

Love ya


Hello Andrew, I will try to give you a call tonight before you go to
sleep. Are you keeping mommy safe? I will see you soon.



The owner did an outstanding job preparing the boat by allowing Jon Shampain and his son Eric do all the work and that was a HUGE job. There never is enough time that can be spent on a boat before a big race like this. Time is well spent when you have to redo the boats rating, let say AMERCAP. You have to have the boat ready for the measurer and make sure you are taking advantage of every weight gain you can, all within the rules of course! Another area that I always seem need for improvement is in food prep, and storing the food. To little or too much food and water is always difficult. More time is always needed for electronics, working on the boats polars, remembering how to use the routing software, when to sail by your gut feeling.
My big mistake this race was not sailing far enough into the gulf before sailing to the left side of the course.
I do look forward to the next time and will hope to reach the level as Cap. Kirk has on the BAYWOLF.