Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Masthead Issue # 3 January 08

Welcome aboard “ The Masthead” this week’s route took us around Newport Bay with some extended legs out for some race results from Malibu, Alamitos Bay and Newport Beach. Like any news story I will save the best for last.

While cruising the bay last week I kept coming up with questions that will take some time to answer and are truly better not asked. But, never being afraid to ask the dumb questions let’s see how hard aground I can go, so full steam ahead! The Castaways area in the northwest corner of the PCH Bridge has been donated from the Irvine Company to the City Of Newport Beach. This is great place for a launch ramp, although the question came up is there enough parking? Well we all know there is never enough parking, so what is the best use for this area? Here is my thought! An enclosed storage area, like what they have in Florida, with boat racks lining the perimeter stacked four boats high. Now here is the part that will throw all the water over my bow. I would like to see slips put in along cliffs, at least up until you reach the homes off Dover. I am sure this will raise the water temperature of a lot of people so let’s continue our cruise around the bay and see if I can’t find some sort of faster moving water?

If the Back Bay Science Center was built for O.C., U.C.I., Fish & Game, Wildlife Foundation, Newport Naturalists and friends? Why is there a big gate, which is closed during the day, with a sign that reads enter by appointment only! OK now that my bilge pump alarm has gone off let me ask one more question this week…

With the “Ecosystem Restoration Project” in the Back Bay and the DD-M Crane & Rigging doing all the heavy lifting who checks in with this contractor? It reads as if we have a lot of Admirals on the bridge, but who is truly running this ship? I am sure the answer is right in front of me like the noise my Co2 alarm is making now. I’ll just stay on course and be happy to have clean moving water. Ecosystem I was also wondering who named all those islands?

Let me get back to the autopilot and give you the race results from this last weekend. Reports from the Malibu and return race was that the energy was high the winds we light and it was cold. Med Man was second boat to finish behind Magnitude 80 and held on to her time to win class A. Results are atDRYC .

ABYC and USC were running the Rose Bowl. This event is one of the larger College and High school events on the West Coast sailed in FJ’s. My sources tell me there are a lot of things going on behind the scene. Meaning that there is a lot of recruiting going on by the East Coast College Teams. I like to check in on the latest sailing fashions so my son, ya right, has all the cool stuff this coming season. For the full report go to Rosebowl As for the Sunkist report I am running out of room. All I can say is energy is high within the fleets and the local sailors are looking forward to the upcoming season. Go to BYC for results.

Sea Ya