Friday, October 12, 2018

On the Harbor: Harbor 20 Fleet 1 results, update on the Harbor Commission and more

2018 Harbor 20 Fleet Championships   Photo Tom Walker
Over this last weekend, the Harbor 20 Fleet 1 held its fleet championships with 35 boats participating. Competitors were greeted with sunny skies, cool temperatures, and a southerly breeze. Traffic in the five-point area of the harbor was minimal so the regatta could not have gone off any better. Don Logan and Tom Walker teamed up to provide drone coverage of the regatta that is spectacular and makes you smile while thinking to yourself, “That’s where I hang out.”
This year’s winners are Cole and Karl Pomeroy in C Fleet. This father-son team, son at the tiller, jumped on the competition as if they were getting on the 405 while heading to the fast lane and never looking back. In B fleet, Anne and Ed Kimball did the same thing; they might have signaled while making a couple lane changes while taking home the big pickle dish. In A fleet, it was a much tighter race between Argyle Campbell, and Perry and Brian Bissel. Going into the last race the two of them were tied for the lead, and when the marine layer lifted, the Bissells became the new fleet champions. One item to notice is that out of the 35 entries, 20 of the participants are couples, providing a type of cohesiveness over the fleet which is unique to our harbor. If you like to see the drone footage and photos and my complete report, head over to my blog site at
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Speaking of video footage, I have to assume most of you by now have seen Coldwell Banker realtor Tim Smith’s video “Teach Me How to Duffy,” a parody on Cali Swag District’s, “Teach Me How To Dougie.” You have to check it out. At first, you might ask, “Did Smith really do that?” By the third time you watch it, you will be headed down to your Duffy, copying the dance from the video. This is a promotional video for Smith’s 14,000-square-foot listing on the peninsula which is one of our harbor’s most spectacular. Should any of you find this listing desirable, I will be more than willing to “Teach you how to Duffy,” or better yet – how to Harbor 20. You can search for the video on YouTube or find the link on my blog site.
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Harbor Commissioner Blank during the harbor cruise

I attended this month’s Harbor Commission meeting and it felt good getting back into the mix. I took the summer off to sail with a client on Wednesday nights this summer, so it didn’t take much effort to head down to the meeting. The first change I noticed was that Chris Miller was sitting in the audience rather than behind the staff desk. Miller has been the Harbor Resource Manager for many years and now has moved back to Public Works, I think. He will still be dealing with the dredging, public docks and hands-on around the harbor; he just won’t be working under the new Harbor Master, whoever that turns out to be. My gut tells me this is a huge mistake. Miller brings the continuity to the commission and the council regarding the daily management of the harbor. At this month’s meeting, the commissioners asked five or more questions of the staff, then quickly looked for Miller in the audience for the answers. I am sure it will all work out, but I am getting cranky and don’t always like change. I have little patience for new definitions of the rules. I trust the commissioners and staff took heed to a public comment made by Jim Moser at the end of the meeting, “There are no other committees or commissions in our city that evaluate or encourage code enforcement, so one should be careful.”
This is a good time to review the objectives of the Harbor Commission. I will keep this as simple as I can.
Objective No. 1 – Harbor Dredging. Commissioners Cunningham and Drayton have got this one, which covers everything from Streamline RPG 54, dredging methods and priorities to eelgrass.
Objective No. 2 – Harbor Operations: Work with the Harbor Master office to evaluate mooring management. Commissioners Drayton, Beer, and Yahn have this task.
Objective No. 3 – Harbor Improvements: Mooring fields, Shore Facilities, and Dock. Commissioners Beer and Drayton.
Objective No. 4 – Harbor Policies, Codes: Update Title 17; Regulations: Harbor Permits. Commissioners Kenny, Blank & Yahn.
Objective No. 5 – Commercial, Rec and Ed Activities: Matters pertaining to the use, control, operation, promotion, and regulation of all watercraft and vessels in the harbor. (Making sure everyone gets along in the harbor.) Commissioners Girling and Kenny.
Objective No. 6 - Long-Term Vision of the Harbor. Commissioners Blank and Cunningham.

Harbor users take the cruise

If you are like me and having difficulty making sense of all this, then I strongly recommend you attend the Special Harbor Commission Meeting scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17. This is a must attend, so mark your calendar, now. This meeting takes place on one of the car ferries and tours the harbor with the different harbor commissioners reviewing their objectives in person. This is when you can go belly to belly and see if anyone is blowing hot air, or really dredging into the concerns of the harbor. Most of the council members attend along with city staff. I will even be attending if you would like me to teach you how to Duffy.
Sea ya
Len Bose is a yachting enthusiast, yacht broker and harbor columnist for StuNewsNewport.

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