Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Santa Cruz 50 Horizon New's Letter

Hello crew,

This years Long Point race played out like a wet dream with a happy ending. As you all have read by now we finished third in class and seventh overall. Thats our second best finish over the last ten years.

Ten years and we just keep getting better. The party’s, the wine and the company will keep a smile on my face, as big as Milton’s when he was told his bag was being returned to the boat, for the next thirty years.

We had more good times at camp Ada this year, thank goodness our team mother kept me from getting up and having that last whiskey by handing me a water bottle Friday night. It still cracks me up that in the middle of the night, with only the sound of the waves slapping onshore and echoing down the beach, that I hear Big Rob yell “YAAHHHH” in his sleep. Big Rob seemed to be a little quieter Friday night than normal and it was confirmed that he did have a roasted chicken in his tent. I heard Rob say, at the end of the night as he entered his tent to go to sleep, “YAAHHHH come here you little chicken.”

This regatta’s MVP has to be given to Liz and Mark Mueller for hauling all of our stuff to and from the island, then dealing with the disappearance of Milton’s bag. Please give a big shout out to the Mueller’s and if you see them at the bar this Thursday night please buy them a drink. I feel they played a very big part in our final result. Thanks guys! 

This has been an amazing season this year with the Heineken Regatta, 3rd in class in Ensenada, 2nd at Yachting Cup and 4th in Long Beach Race week. I’d like to try again to have a year end party at my house for John where we all thank him for this amazing year. Give me your ideas this Thursday night.

The season is slowing down and I will forward our calendar for next year before the end of September. Thank you all for your efforts, it was obvious to me that everyone was giving their best effort and you can’t ask for anymore than that.

How did I miss this?

SB-KH 2014   

At one with the Horizon

Hello Team,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Santa Barbara to King Harbor race in which we placed 2nd in class and 16th overall out of 91 boats. I could not think of a better way to be introduced to the new ride, John liked her so much he drove the first four hours of the race. "Do you think he is going to drive the whole race?" Milton asked me. " No I think he is just getting to know her." I replied. Did anyone else notice how many people stopped and stared at Horizon has they walk down the dock?

I am sure you all noticed the quote on the front page of Sailing Anarchy "here's the nicest Santa Cruz 50 on the planet" when you hit the link the below photo appears.  Another great quote and or expression was on Eric face when the kelp pole strap broke "Hey Dad check this out!" he said with a little red in his face. 

I am sure the new crew members were all amazed with all the different pieces that Eric kept taking out from down below to trim the boat. It goes without saying that Erik was this weeks MVP along with all the original Horizon crew members by not losing a step and completing their tasks without hesitation while running like a well oiled machine.

For me, I found myself stepping back and observing. It took me a good five hours and a couple of sail changes before I could shake the feeling that I was in an expensive wine store and if I touched anything I could break it.
Some observations I noticed that we will need to improve on. If you are not trimming stay out of the cockpit, if you need to take a leak use the head. If Jon posts a "watch list" follow it and make sure you get on deck in time for your watch. When you are sitting forward of the cockpit make sure you are on the rail and not the cabin top and make sure you stay tuned with the boat on whether you should be on the high or low side. 

Next Race is Long Point August 22-24th. I need to confirm that you will be able to attend ASAP. Let me know if you will be camping at "Camp Ada" or would like to stay on the boat.

Erik Sampain this races MVP
Patrick Kinkade &  Len Bose "Yea bitch this is our ride"

The grand master Jon Sampain

"It's all good"  Tom O' Keefe

The Cheese

The sexiest looking Santa Cruz 50 on the planet, can I get an amen?  

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