Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mylar Catch of the week!

7-7-17 NEWS FLASH! Bents family bring in record haul!

Bents family brings in record setting catch of 18 balloons, which bring them to the top of our leader board for July

The Bents family joins in on the "Catch and dispose" board

Joy Sailing Catch this week
Team Linstar still leads the Mylar balloon "Catch and dispose" leader board for the week. Although we do have four new competitors that can place their names on the catch board. Which is what this is all about!

The Bents family is the first team that sent in a photo of their catch this week!  At Long Beach race week Sam Heck, who was driving the J 120 Shenanigans before the start of the race, maneuvered his boat in front of Linstar to claim their first catch.

Bronny Daniels from Joy Sailing picked up this large group of balloons and sent in her photo.

Jane Hoffer crew getting into the hunt.
Just received word that Jane Hoffer crew on Catalina 37's was in the "catch and dispose" hunt this weekend.

I also received an email from good friend Megan Delany who should being joining the competition soon aboard their boat Ripe Tide?

Lessen learned: If you find a ballon, that has been in the water a long time, and you notice the ink starting to dissipate away place those balloons in a garbage bag. The ink will stain your cloths and your boat.

Happy hunting!

PLEASE send in your photos of you catch!

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