Monday, October 17, 2011

I am going Green and it's not what you think I am doing!

Monday, October 17, 2011 Back to WORK today after 4 days of mark set for BYC and the US Sailing Match Racing Championships.

I had one of my “Silly Ideas” this weekend! What if each yacht club in Newport Beach recognized the people who pick up the most trash out of the water inside and outside?  For what’s it worth to you I will write about it in my Pilot Column!

"How I came up with this SILLY IDEA!”
This weekend I was assigned to be the weather markset boat with Mike Pinckney and while we were talking I made the comment. “If you are not busy, pick up a broom a sweep” that’s when it happened, I needed to sweep so we then started to look for Mylar Balloons. We picked up 12 of them this weekend and only missed one because we where under tow with 6 boats behind us.

So if you read my stories and you pick up some trash out of the water and take a photo and send it in. I will write about it in my column.

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