Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Balboa Yacht Clubs "2011 Governor's Cup" Newport Beach

While working my way around the Harbor this week one of the first things I noticed was the Governors Cup 21 strategically placed in front of Sterling BMW.  ‘Someone is sailing with their head out of the boat, what a great idea” I thought to myself as I drove south on PCH towards Balboa Yacht Club, BYC. On arrival at the club all of the sponsors banners, flags and decals had a certain professional presentation I had never witnessed before. The feeling that something special was about to happen quickly came over me and I quicken my step down to the waterfront.
All twelve of the Governors Cup 21’s were lined up off the main dock with many of the participants viewing the boats for the first time with their hands in their pockets as if there were viewing a new BMW X6 at the dealership. Speaking of viewing, there are many ways for you to keep in contact with the race this year. The race takes place from July 19-24 and will be sailed just off the Balboa Pier. The odds are good that you will be able to view most of the race from the pier. If you are more of an armchair helmsperson go to BYC web site at and click the spinning Governors Cup link. From there you will be able to watch “Live” streaming of the event and follow the event on Facebook and Twitter. Should you want to get the true taste of the event watch the stream and head over to BYC to watch the participants return to the club around 5:30 each day. This is always one of the fun parts of this event because the participants are starting to relax and interact with each other and the feeling of Corinthian spirit overwhelms the club.
So much for the fluff of the event, lets look under the cabin sole and talk about who is going to win the 45th Governor’s Cup International Junior Match Racing Championship. When these kids are on the water its “game on”, the black flag is raised and there are no prisoners in match racing. Who is going to win? I have no idea, the field is to close to call and when I ask my sources, “who is going to win”, they just kind of look at me with a blank “Prozac” stare. Therefore, I am going to pull for the home team and hope the mojo lands in the cockpit of the BYC team. This team consists of Helmsman Ryan Davidson, Middle Walker Banks and Bow Brandon Wood. I had a chance to talk to Ryan before the event and I could feel the positive energy around him. When I asked him “what’s it going to take to win” he replied “ Stay positive and keep working. It’s going to come down to boat handling and we have an outstanding team again this year”. I have watched this team grow up around the club and if they take the first few matches and just let it happen they will be bringing the heat with them in the finials on Sunday.
I will be sailing in the “Two Around Catalina” race this weekend with Dan Rosen and his boat “Problem Child”. I can already feel the mojo just dripping from us and the forecast looks promising for this time of year. Also note the dredging equipment has arrived in town. I also caught wind that the 2012 Ensenada Race will change its headquarters to the Coral Marina next year.

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Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

My single race around Two-Around-Catalina still ranks very highly in my memory. We weren't finished, even though we were back before sundown. That was an irritation. But the experience was an unique one for me.