Wednesday, February 07, 2018

SC 50+ Horizon: This is why we are FAST


Had some work completed for us last year before Hawaii

This is what we found at this years haul out

Bottom Damage at Haul Out

Carbon cloth was used for spot repairs behind keel. They have delineated possibly the substrate was wet and not thoroughly dry before applying. We inspected the damaged area of the interior and it visually is intact meaning no signs of cracks. 

Reinforcing applied with fairing glaze

Areas of touch up and rudder to shop for white bottom paint finish

Horizon Rudder with new white bottom paint

First coating of proline epoxy primer

Epoxy primer Strut

Keel White application


Ready to launch

Looks like she is doing 20Knots just setting there

This is why you have Team Choate  work on the bottom of your boat!
If you cannot beat us I suggest you join us at  " Diversified Composites"  (562) 366-9698.

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