Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hell ya!

I can sell this charter and would through in my commission if I could go, it would be fun to write an episode.

Bravo is gearing up for “Below Deck Mediterranean,” and we are set to sail the Mediterranean seas in September. We would love to have your group of friends along for the ride! This season is scheduled to air this fall, and being one of the first 3 charter groups onboard the yacht is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the marketing promos that Bravo has prior to the show’s airdate!
This season our backdrop will be in the Cyclades in Greece – a famous group of islands in the Aegean Sea. Gorgeous sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue, traditional lifestyle, and barren landscapes are an ideal fit for the exclusive yachting world. With 12 action packed episodes of fun-filled drama, adventures, and high-end living, this tropical paradise will be nothing short of spectacular!
With 5-star service, gourmet meals catered to your every need, secluded beaches only accessible by private yachts, and all the water sports and island fun that you can imagine, Below Deck is the ultimate luxury vacation! Each charter group will have the chance to create their own unique itinerary.
Once you arrive, the activities you can choose from are boundless. From jet skiing to wine tasting to fishing for your evening dinner, everything you desire is right at your

fingertips! For a discounted charter rate you can be a part of this phenomenal show that has become a fan favorite and household name on Bravo!
You will be escaping on a luxury yacht at least 155’ long, with spacious decks and a master suite. This mega yacht sleeps will sleep up to eight guests comfortably. In addition, guests will have access to all of the boat’s water toys, which may include waverunners, seabobs, paddleboards, kayaks, snorkel gear, water skis, wake boards, and assorted inflatable toys. All of these details will be confirmed once your charter group has been locked into a specific charter date!
The charters this season will be 3 days, 2 nights and the charter fee will be $35,000 or groups can go for 4 days, 3 nights and the charter fee will be $40,000. This charter fee covers round trip economy airfare to/from Greece for everybody in the group (we recommend keeping the number of guests between 4-6 people), accommodation the night before and the night after your charter, all food and beverages on the yacht, and a fully planned itinerary and all inclusive boat activities (beach picnics, snorkeling, water sports, boat toys, etc.) There is a $1,000 APA fee that is taken as a deposit before the charter begins and is used in the event that the guest requests any one item over $100 that is not already on the boat (i.e. imported fine caviar, a magnum bottle of champagne, a special offsite scuba trip) and you will be notified ahead of time before this transaction takes place. At the end of the charter whatever amount was not used will be refunded back to the charter guest.

Additionally, the charter group is responsible for a cash gratuity, which is a 15 percent minimum, with most guests last season giving 20 percent and above because they were so happy with the service provided. This gratuity is based on the wholesale cost of a 3-4 day charter, which is $87,500, so the standard tip would be around $15,000. Typically the head charter guest will hand the cash tip to the captain as they disembark the yacht and the gratuity is then divided up among all the crewmembers. Of course, this tip is at your discretion and any special requests or accommodations can be made with proper notice.

Please see specific dates below and let us know which charter works best for your group. This is a lot to digest, so please let us know if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to answer them. We look forward to speaking with you soon!
Available Charter Dates (this does not include your travel days):
Charter 1: 3 days – departs September 9th– returns September 11th ($35K)
Charter 2: 3 days – departs September 13th – returns September 15th ($35K)
Charter 3: 3 days – departs September 18th– returns September 20th ($35K)
Charter 4: 3 days – departs September 22nd – returns September 24th ($35K)
Charter 5: 4 days – departs September 27th – returns September 30th (40K)
Charter 6: 3 days – departs October 4th – returns October 6th ($35K)
Charter 7: 3 days – departs October 8th – returns October 10th ($35K)
Charter 8: 3 days – departs October 12th – returns October 14th ($35K)
Charter 9: 3 days – departs October 15th – returns September 17th ($35K) 

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