Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The 2014 Master Angler Billfish Tournament Rocked – Literally

High Angler  Jock Albright
The 33rd Annual Balboa Angling Club’s Master Angler Billfish Tournament was held September 12th and 13th with challenging weather conditions, high winds and seas and the anglers really had to work for it!  This is the most prestigious and oldest marlin tournament on the west coast.

It all started with a Kick-Off Party on September 10th held at the Tee Room in Newport Beach with a packed house!  Marlin had been caught since August 2nd and the participants couldn’t wait to hit the water and were truly excited about this year’s tournament. 

The fishing started on Friday at 6:00 a.m. and the first fish was hooked up at 8:04 am and was released after tagging with the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) Satellite Tag for the Great Marlin Race.  This is the first time the Great Marlin Race is being tracked in Southern California waters.  During the tournament 2 tags were deployed and you can track their paths by going to

All in all, the tournament was a great success for the Balboa Angling Club and the participants are ready to come back next year!

Here are the results:

2014 Master Angler Billfish Tournament
Clubs = 8              Boats = 49           Anglers = 193
24 Hook Ups       15 Releases
Total Fish            1st Day                                     9 Released       
                                2nd Day                                    6 Released       

High Club
        1st                  Pescadores -  Team 1                     540 pts.
        2nd                 Dana Angling Club – Team 1        480 pts.
        3rd                  Tuna Club – Team 1                         390 pts.

High Boat            
        1st                   Bounder                                              300 pts.
        2nd                  Kea Kai                                                 240 pts.
        3rd                   Poco Loco                                            210 pts.

High Angler
          1st                 Jock Albright                                      240 pts.               
          2nd                Bill Buchannan                                   210 pts.
          3rd                 Rod Halperin                                      180 pts.
          4th                 Vick Sommers                                   180 pts.
          5th                 Calen Offield                                      180 pts.
          6th                 Drew Lawler                                       180 pts.
          7th                 Bob Denault                                       180 pts.
          8th                 Brian Fox                                             150 pts.
          9th                 Alyson Gillett                                     150 pts.
        10th                 Linda Crean                                        150 pts.

The winner of the Bob and Sally Kurz Perpetual Circle Hook Award is Vick Sommers on Sleeper
And in the Tuna Division Greg Taite of the S. S. Minnow took home 1st place.

For more information on the Master Angler Billfish Tournament, the Great Marlin Race and Balboa Angling Club, please contact Amy Elliott at the Balboa Angling Club 949.673.6316 or via email at


High Club Pescadores

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