Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhine Update - Week 3

Hi everyone!

This is my weekly update for August 15-19.

·        Dutra spent most of the week in the center of the channel in the Phase II & III areas.  As you recall, they are keeping busy in this area while the sediment testing results are analyzed and the concrete piles are “curing” at the concrete plant. Not to worry though, this effort in Phase II & III will benefit the project’s schedule on the back end.  Every cubic yard dredged now will mean one less cubic yard to dredge at the end.

·        The sediment chemistry results revealed that there was still some material left at the end of the Rhine Channel near the wharf. So, Dutra moved back up the channel and will spend about 1 day cleaning up that area. 

·        Saturday plan:  The dredge barge and disposal scow will move out to the mooring area.  Then, the larger pile driving barge (with crane) will be brought in and moved into position ready to start work on Monday morning.  Note:  Dutra will position this barge to the side of the channel as usual so access to the restaurants and shipyard is not impacted as much.  Also, the pile driving barge will not need the disposal scow, so the access channel over the weekend will be greater than normal – a good thing!

·        Monday plan:  The pile driving barge will receive 2 truck-loads of pile which they will pick from the Rhine Wharf (standard practice).

·        Tuesday plan:  The pile driving barge will receive 7 truck-loads of pile, then they will spend the day prepping for the rest of the week.  Also, at this same time, the dredge barge will return half way up the channel and complete the Phase I dredging (still subject to testing afterwards).  After this is completed, the dredge barge will return to the Phase II & III area and resume its efficient production dredging down the center of the channel.

·        Wednesday and further:  Pile removal and replacement will begin.  We’re hoping this process moves quickly.

·        Although it’s too early to make predictions as far as timing, it is our intention to allow vessels to return to their slips after the pile driving is complete and their docks are considered safe.  In other words, vessels should be able to return as the barge leaves their immediate area and makes its way down the channel.  Note:  Vessels are not to return to their slips until receiving direct communication from me.  We need to make sure the construction zone around the marinas is clear and safe before we can allow vessels back.  Rest assured, I’ll do everything possible to make it as speedy as possible.

·        Please remember that this schedule is subject to shift at any moment as variables are constantly changing in the field.  With a complex project like this, we have to be flexible to account for the unforeseen issues that may arise.  For instance, a mechanical problem on the barge, excavator, crane or disposal scows can immediately affect the plans for the day/week.

·        Please see the attached figure that captures this week’s activities.

·        Interesting fact No. 3:  The two smaller disposal scows are 150’ long by 40’ wide, and their maximum capacity is 1,200 cubic yards.  However, Dutra is only filling them half way due to the depths in the Lower Bay.

Once again, thank you for your patience.

Chris Miller
Harbor Resources Manager
(949) 644-3043  *

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